Paper Towel Dispenser - Behind Opening Mirror

Product Code: 09.3136

Special behind mirror installation, flat bottom paper towel dispenser with open front. Holds 250 ‘C’ fold or 450 interleave paper towels. Refills from the top.

Usage: High Traffic Areas

Finish: Satin Stainless Steel

Alternative Finishes:

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Semi Recessed Behind Mirror Paper Towel Dispenser 09.3126 >

Dropdown Flat Bottom Behind Mirror paper Towel Dispenser 09.3106 >

Dropdown Angled Bottom Behind Mirror Paper Towel Despenser 09.3107 >

Bottom Loading Flat Bottom Behind Mirror Paper Towel Despenser 09.3116 >

Bottom Loading Angled Bottom Behind Mirror Paper Towel Despenser 09.3117 >

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